The Elgar Shop Search

Help and Guidance for searching The Elgar Shop


If you would like to browse through the various products we offer, simply click on the relevant section in the Category Finder on the right.  Some sections then also have sub-sections. Again, click on the relevant one

Alternatively you can use the SEARCH THE SHOP facility. Type a keyword in the box and click SEARCH

If you type violin concerto, the results will include all the products which include the word violin or the word concerto in the product name or description.  Therefore by typing in violin concerto the results will include cello concerto and violin sonata

If you type violin%concerto, using % as a word separator, the results will include only those products which include both the word violin and the word concerto

Similarly a search can be made for London%Philharmonic%Orchestra

A keyword search will find relevant products from all departments of the Elgar Shop.  A search for cockaigne will find not only relevant CDs, but also scores and any books which contain the word cockaigne in the product name or description