Research Visits


The Research Room offers a unique opportunity to view the actual documents in the collection, enabling researchers to see at first hand Edward Elgar's music and it's develpment from early sketches through completed manuscripts and corrected proofs to the final version. The collection of letters, scrapbooks and the great variety of miscellaneous papers give an insight into what was happening in his life, and some of his thoughts when he was composing his great works, while the collection of programmes and press cuttings record performances of his music, and how it was received by the public.


Scrapbook in Research Room


Some visitors also find it useful to look at digital images of items from the collection. These images are very high resolution and can be invaluable for checking on detail or deciphering a particularly difficult bit of handwriting.


Booking and Rates

The Research Room is open Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays), 11am - 4.30pm, with an hour break at lunch-time.  As it is very small, it is advisable to book at least a fortnight in advance.

Research visit charges per person per day:

Not for profit research £10.00
Researchers with access to funding £20.00
Research undertaken for commercial purposes £40.00
Assisted research undertaken with the Archivist £40.00


The above charges are payable in addition to the normal Museum admission charge.